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We Don’t Need a SIN-FOCUSED Religion

A. This is a Danger to YOU. Focused mostly on sin you probably have

  1. Guilt – often
  2. Trouble with God, or think you do
  3. A Crabby God
  4. A Dangerous God – dangerous to you
  5. Unhappiness
  6. An unattractive faith – others won’t see it as GOOD news.

That’s not how Jesus lived; it’s NOT what he wanted for others.

Except, of course, for the arrogant bully types, usually religious. He was hard on them. But if they changed, that changed. That’s WHY it is “GOOD NEWS!”

B. This is a Danger to OTHER PEOPLE. With sin-focus you start condemning OTHER people – as if God put YOU in charge of THEM. He didn’t. That’s a really dangerous idea.

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